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Main Application Scope of TiSNet Control System

¡¡¡¡ TiSNet control system is mainly used for data transmission, info processing and control in following industries: petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, paper-making, municipal environment protection projects such as swage treatment. It can also conduct monitoring over the transportation, roads, rails, bridges and air pollution.

How come TisNet-P600 could be considered reliable?
1 XCU and I/O fully redundant
2 System communication network redundant
3 I/O communication network redundant
4 Power source redundant
5 All hardware screened through high-low temperature shock test
6 All modules with hot-swap and online maintenance
7 Isolation: IO modules (Isolated voltage 3000VDC)
8 Over-voltage and over current protection for the power source
9 High interference immunity

Compared with DCS and PLC, what's the edge of TiSNet control system?

1 A PLC system with DCS control strategy and communication network
2 A redundant and fault-tolerant automatic control system.
3 High-performance CPU controller-XCU (redundant)
4 Human-machine interface of frame window
5 Online programming, real-time configuration, off-line configuration, online modification
6 Fault-tolerant Ethernet communication network
7 A open software system
8 An integrated platform of control and information management
9 An information network of control system integrated by Ethernet communication network and fieldbus communication network
10 Process control, logic control and batch processing control included
11 Integrate small and medium sized PLC as bottom control unit or remote I/O
12 Flexible Visualized graphic configuration and function module defining
13 Able to provide different customers with different professional solutions
14 International certification of CE/EMC¡¢FCC¡¢T¨¹V CE

What is the positioning of TiSNet control system?

¡¡¡¡TisNet is a new network-based automatic control system, fully utilizing technologies of network communication, fieldbus, PC, embedded system, configuration software and multi-media.

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