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      We developed XMC specifically for 3-phase asynchronous motors applied in remote control that monitoring, measuring and controlling of protection of 3-phase AC motors can be achiened.  When XMC works as a single module, it can be used together with its supporting software----Moto HMI. When the system¡¯s scale is larger, we suggest that users use Xinhua Upper Monitor Configurable software---- XDCNET.

      System functions
¡ñIt can measure the effective value of AC 3-phase current, positive sequence current, negative-sequence current, zero-sequence current and leakage current. It can also measure the maximum value of starting current and the temperature of rotor. The data-refreshing speed is over 40/s
¡ñIt has 4 independent relay digital output. The relays have auto-hold function and it can achieve remote control, tripping, and alarm output.
It has 4 digital inputs that can be connected to source-free contacts externally, and can also work as motor control command.
¡ñIt has one RS485 and one RS232 communication interfaces.
¡ñThe control of AC motor includes: direct start-up, pump-down start, positive rotation, negative rotation, fast rotation, slow rotation, stop, and stop brake controls.
¡ñMotor protection includes: start protection, short circuit protection, locked-rotor protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, undercurrent protection, overheat protection, unbalanced protection, earth-fault protection and open-phase protection.
¡ñWhen XMC is charged with electricity, we can get to know whether the motor is positively rotating or negatively rotating and can keep the motor running through passive-sequenced current or negative-sequenced current.

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