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     XRIO-WI/XRIO-WII £¨Xinhua wireless communicational remote I/O£©adopts the I/O modules of the 80 series of TiSNet-XDC800, and is equipped with a high-capacity remote wireless data transciever or a remote wireless network transciever. It is also equipped with a face-door cabinet which can meet anti-blast grade or IP 56. It is used near industrial sites and its working temperature is -20 ºC ~+60 ºC. It can work with different small and medium sized data measurement & control system or SCADA system, and can also work as remote I/Os of large DCS control systems. It is widely applied to environmental supervising, oil production and unattended transformer substations.

¡ñBuilt-in communicational device: wireless transciever mode (WRIO-WI) or wireless network WiFi  mode (WRIO-WII)
¡ñI/O modules of different types (AI¡¢AO¡¢DI¡¢DO¡¢PI¡¢LC and so on) configurated flexibly can be applied to  different systems scales
¡ñSampling accuracy of analog input: 0.1%£¨large signal£©¡¢0.2%£¨small signal£©
¡ñCabinet of high protection grade (IP54 and IP56)
¡ñSimple installation, economical system configuration, flexible configuration, and simple operation
¡ñIt can act as remote measurement & control I/O device when matching with DCS or PLC system

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