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    Given the enterprises¡¯ increasing demands for the integration of management and control, MCTS was proposed accordingly by Xinhua . It integrates Xinhua¡¯s advantages and the characteristics of productive enterprise and aims at supplying complete£¬advanced, open and prospective solutions covering physical layer and management & application layer for our customers. It can assist enterprises in improving benefits and enhancing competitiveness. 
     A enterprise is divided into 5 layers by MCTS:
¡ñPhysical Layer: actuator, intellectual instrument and site equipment layer
¡ñProcess control layer: Xinhua process control series products (TiSNet-P400£¬TiSNet-P600 and TiSNet-XDC800),used in different layers, can realize and optimize the site control process.
¡ñFactory supervising layer: Xinhua XSCADA/XSIS can build up a factory supervising system according to actual situations and conduct the supervision of the whole plant. Besides being integrated seamlessly with TiSNet-P400£¬TiSNet-P600£¬and TiSNet-XDC800, XSCADA/XSIS can also be integrated with DCS and PLC systems provided by other companies.
¡ñManufacturing execution layer :Xinhua XMES £¨Xinhua Manufacturing Execution System£©can optimize the execution of production processes, coordinate the schedule and the actual production progress£¬and realize the production optimization, and effective management of production, maintenance, quality, equipment, energy consumption, storage and so on.
¡ñManagement & Application Layer: There are already many mature software for the management & application layer: such as ERP, OA, HR, SCM, and finance software. Xinhua puts emphasis on the integration with these systems, and offer our customers advices for software selection, software reviews and technology support.

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