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    TiSNet-Remote I/O (Xinhua remote I/O) uses 32 series I/O modules. It is equipped with face-doored cabinet with IP56 grade. It is usually deployed near industrial sites and its working temperature is -20 ºC ~+60 ºC. It can work as remote I/Os of a large DCS control system, as well as form a site control system with on-spot-operation functions to complete various intellectual operations.  It is widely applied to on-spot control of remote equipment, operation and control of the factory equipment and the uniset control for mechantronics projects.

    Characteristics of TisNet Remote I/O:
ˇńOn-spot intellectual operation and screen display
ˇńRemote I/Os with various kinds of field bus communication
ˇńA great variety of I/O modules featuring flexible configuration, and great adaptability to systems with scalability
ˇńSampling accuracy of analog input: 0.1%Ł¨large signalŁ©ˇ˘0.2%Ł¨small signalŁ©
ˇńRedundant communication to ensure its reliability and flexibility
ˇńThe connecting methods with DCS/PLC can be extended flexibly
ˇńCan be worked as independent input/output equipment
ˇńWith slots of various specifications, we can provide convenient services for our customers once they determine the system scale and system structure they need
ˇńSuitable for various scaled system, and is as flexible as ordinary I/O modules in terms of  combination and matching
ˇńCan not only be installed in site but also be installed in the cabinets of tested equipment
ˇńSimple installation, economical system architecture flexible configuration and simple operation.


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