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¡¡¡¡Since Xinhua Group got involved successfully in rail traffic industry in 2002, we have undertaken the designs, constructions, and services of power monitoring systems of 15 projects of 11 lines of Shanghai subway and light rail. Nowadays, in pursuit of future development and innovation, Xinhua Group has been dedicating itself to the R&D (Research & Development), design, project and service for rail traffic automatic control system products and has launched XISCS£­100, a mass integrated supervisory and control system with intellectual properties.

¡¡¡¡Rail traffic signal processing system CBTC

     CBTC is a train auto-control system supporting continuous data transferring. With the adoption of train positioning of high accuracy, it can realize the bidirectional, continuous and capacious data transferring from train to station.



¡¡¡¡Rail traffic integrated supervisory and control system XISCS-100

¡¡¡¡XISCS-100 is a rail traffic integrated  integrated supervisory and control system launched by Shanghai Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. It abides by most updated standards, adopts advanced technologies of computer, network, communication and embedded application and is designed based on high security and high reliability conceptions.

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