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  Rail traffic signal processing system  CBTC

  Xinhua's  solution for train operation control system is base on CBTC (Communication Based Train Control).
  CBTC is a train auto-control system supporting continuous data transferring. With the adoption of train positioning of high accuracy, it can realize the bidirectional, continuous and capacious data transferring from train to station. It can execute automatic train protection (ATP), train automatic operation (ATO) and train automatic supervising (ATS). CBTC mainly consists of mobile device (onboard device), side-rail device, communication network, and control center. 

                   CBTC system Frame

Characteristics of CBTC
  We will do detailed hazard identification and risk assessment to CBTC. Multiple-redundancy will be used for regional controller, onboard controller and object controller.
The reliability and availability of the devices, sub-systems and the whole system of CBTC will be showcased by structural diagram of reliability.
  The design of CBTC is of the highest flexibility and adaptability. The system¨s inner interfaces are standardized based on open industrial standards. DCS, which can improve the communications between sub-systems, is based on open industrial standards. All DCS equipment are of commercial use. Communication protocols between subsystems (for example: ZC and CC) are designed on the need of high requirement of inner data switching configuration.

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