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  Rail traffic integrated  supervisory and control system    XISCS-100

XISCS-100 is a rail traffic integrated  supervisory and control system launched by Shanghai Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. It abides by most updated standards, adopts advanced technologies of computer, network, communication and embedded application and is designed based on high security and high reliability conceptions. It is suitable for electrified railway, subway, and light rail which have high requirements for automation.
XISCS-100 is mainly used in the system safety operation control and interconnection & integration for rail traffic such as power supervising, environment and M&E equipment supervision, fire alarm, direction information, Automatic Fare Collection AFC, door control, clock,  CCTV ( close-circuit television ), broadcasting and security .
The system keeps to the design principle of distributed control, centralized management, and resource sharing.
The system uses a unified software platform which makes the integration of system interface, management, and maintenance possible. So it has very good transportability and very strong expansibility.
FEP communication is redundant, and it uses industrial computers and switchover-mode terminal servers.
The using of real-time database and commercial database technologies not only can satisfy the real-time requirements but also can improve the system openness.
Redundant dual quick Ethernet system assured the reliability, openness and generalization of network communication.
Visualized image configuration and programming,( what you see is what you get) is very convenient for the customers to generate and maintain their systems.
The application of WEB technology improved information sharing. The management levels on rail traffic enterprises net can visit directly the system running status.
The system can be operated on the platform of diversity hardware and operating system.

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