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  Xinhua distributed control system covers the whole producing process of cement including limestone smashing, auxiliary raw material feed and  clinker storage and delivery. It realized the sequence controlparameter checking and loop automatic control of the electric equipments of different process (such as raw material smashing, distributing, coal milling, raw material shaft milling, burning kiln inlet & outlet, material feeding, clinker distributing, cement milling and finished cement).
  Besides the excellent data acquisition function, Xinhua distributed control system provides not less than the following adjusting loops which can be controlled manually or automatically according to production requirements.
#quality control loop of raw material
#load control of raw material smashing machine
#negative voltage auto-adjusting loop of raw material enter mill
#load control loop of coal mill
#auto-adjusting loop of coal mill outlet temperature
#5 classed cyclone temperature auto-adjusting loop
#auto-control loop of kiln feeding amount
#auto-control loop of weighting stock amount at kiln outlet
#auto-adjusting loop of conditioning tower outlet temperature
#auto-adjusting loop of kiln inlet cover negative voltage
#auto-adjusting loop of cooling fans
#auto-adjusting loop of cooler pressure
#auto-adjusting loop for electric dust catcher inlet temperature at the kiln inlet
#noise control of coal mill
#raw material mixture ratio control
#grog mixture ratio controll
#optimization algorithm, which can realize the optimized operation and control for the cement producing process 

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